Althera is a pharmaceutical company with the singular focus of improving heart health.

Despite significant therapeutic advancements, cardiovascular disease continues to be the largest cause of death in the world. Despite 40 million Americans being prescribed statins, all leading academic associations estimate more than 50-60% of Americans are not at their cholesterol goals.

Althera began its journey in 2010 with likeminded healthcare, pharmaceutical and business professionals coming together to make a difference in cardiovascular health. Our objective is to make available affordable oral medications that improve cardiovascular health significantly above the standard of care.

Over the last decade, we have innovated and invested in new proprietary patented technologies that led to development of highly efficacious medicines with the intention to bring large number of patients to their heart health goals – and yet be easy to use and affordable.

Roszet (rosuvastatin and ezetimibe) tablets is approved in the United States and in all European markets with further regulatory submissions ongoing in many countries around the world, and helps hundreds of thousands of patients in their cholesterol management worldwide.

Althera's second product Ezetimibe/Atorvastatin is also approved in United States and several Erueopan markets. We anticipated this product to be made available to patients in the US in late 2021.

Althera continues to further its mission through investing in development of additional cardiovascular and metabolic therapies.

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